Ulysses, Joyce’s Time 1922-2022

Music composed for a series of 18 different spectacles (with 9 different companies) based on Joyce’s Ulysses and set in the suggestive Criptoportico Forense (Aosta, IT). Every spectacle dissect and immerge itself in a different part of the book, may it be a single chapter, episode or even page. The music for each piece of the series has been tailored to the company’s needs and inspired by the themes of each of the book’s part (press, music, food, death, ecc.).


Soundtrack for a wandering spectacle set in a the Castello Gamba’s museum. Different types of arts (acting, playing, sound design) are summed together and used to create live performances, music compositions and sound installations.

Come Iside

A very intimate rendition of Iside’s tale of love, death and rebirth. To follow the dramaturgy of the spectacle the music is made with small, DIY instruments, in the spirit of music concrete and noise performances. This type of sound creates a liminal space where small movements and amplified clatter interact with a whispered story told in first person.


A deconstructed and futuristic depiction of the classic Greek myth, where Electra finds herself trapped in a world she does not know. The music that accompany this spectacle range from slow, dark ambient tracks to experiments in noise, sound design and hyperpop ballads. Always maintaining a somber, lost and hopeless atmosphere.

Medea Fine Del Mondo

A live electronics collaboration with percussionist Marco Giovinazzo. Using ethnic and DIY instruments, processed through various chains of digital effects and mixing techniques, to recreate the feelings and sudden mood changes of an older Medea reflecting on her life.