Hpeggiator is designed to expand the limits of a classic arpeggiator.
It doesn’t have a speed limit and it features three modes: normal, range and slow. The arpeggio direction can be modified. while the gate parameter adjusts the length of the outgoing notes. Hpeggiator features both increments by steps and in chord mode, it does feature a sequencer. The variable length anche can be randomize both manually and with the autodice function.

Demo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp66ayUNcsE


Krynn is a multiband stereo distortion developed by Luca Favaro (T.U.) based on a concept design by SY/IN. It is distributed by HIDE Productions | H-4.

Demo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t7v3gi_Dzo


A new percussive club work from Italian producer Capiuz, exploring a vast range of tempos while keeping a centre around rhythmic workouts and ethnic influences. The ep spaces from slow driving dubs to faster dance breaks, paying homage to composer Iannis Xenakis and his rhythmically obsessive approach to composition. Tracks like Bancal or Le Style rely on slow yet relentless bass kicks and hypnotic atmospheres, while other cuts, such as Tam Tam or Peaux, present themselves as syncopated movements ready for the dancefloor.



Pulverized encapsulates a sombre and hectic atmosphere. On Bling Ring, a simple reggaeton beat is turned into a slow and heavy pulsation topped with thematic rhythms and a little faster in its tempo. Pulverized enters a more ritualistic soundscape with a steady, unrelenting pulse, distant drums and granulized samples.


Moving Grounds

Moving Grounds delves into tribal ostinatos and ritualistic gestures. Using big drums and a vast array of percussive elements, the ep creates an enveloping aura of danceable movements and ancestral sounds. The opening track, Pantera, sets the mood of the ep with a nolanesque atmosphere and a heavy hitting beat, to be later reprised in the closer Ambush with a faster pace and a groovier feeling. Jump On It fills the gap with a driving syncopated ostinato bouncing all over the track.



Vela is a granular sampler taking inspiration from Curtis Roads’ pulsar synthesis program. Its key features are the masking capabilities, allowing for rhytmic and stochastic muting of individual grains, and the envelope modulation section, which provides the user with two easy-to-use envelopes to modulate different parameters inside the device, creating movement and directions in each stream without having to draw automations or to manually turn dials.

Compulsion Fissure

Compulsion Fissure by T.U. is a meticulously layered sonic expression built on repetition and rhythmical approaches to sound design. The sound of the whole EP has a very distinctive noisy and growling texture coming from a long feedback chain where the project’s samples get compressed, altered and amplified to enhance their nature before being arranged and intertwined with one another. Reiteration is at the center of this EP as a way to constantly reinvent material without losing its original substance and as a mean to construct sonic narratives that do not require visual elements to tell a story to the listener.


Confined Space

Confined Space stems from the idea of repurposing audio material from YouTube, in an artistic process that values quantity over quality. Random videos are selected using different key words and their audio is chopped and compressed into the DAW to be used as compositional elements. Often scrolling down to get the uploads with the least views, this process is both a reflection on the enormous quantity of material that can be found online and an invitation to use and repurpose digital content in new artistic ways. What is inside the database is not important, its size already makes for an infinite output of ideas.



URL_1 is an interactive sound installation. The program is organized as a point and click game containing videos, images and 10 audio tracks that can be played, stopped and mixed by the user. The esoteric layout of URL_1 takes inspirations from ARGs and found footage movies, using audio and video material derived from random YouTube searches to create a new explorable reality. The aim of this installation is to provide a sound experience that involves directly the listener in the creation of an audio composition, without requiring any musical knowledge.


With its minimal and rhythm focused atmospheres, Shifting takes on a clinical and experimental approach to the techniques of rhythmic phasing and shifting. On a foundation of straight forward techno-ish grooves, identical patterns are superimposed and displaced to create self-similar versions of themselves and new, ever changing rhythmic combinations. A hypnotic, dance-focused release that uses rhythm as a ritualistic instrument.


Desktop Music

The show is a personal take on Erik Satie’s “Musique d’ameublement” and aims at providing some quality ambience music, revolving around sound design and evolving textures. Each month will feature an original, 1-hour long generative composition that stems from simple melodic ideas and loops to generate ever changing soundscapes.