Sound Installations

Shared Soundscapes

A series of sound and video installations realized in situ during an artistic residency at Chiasso Perduto, in Florence, during the month of July 2020. All the material recorded in the city and in its surroundings was used to create a new acoustic space inside the gallery where the listener can explore and interact with sound. The exhibition was composed of a two room hexaphonic installation, equipped with condensers and contact microphones to amplify and elaborate sounds coming from the visitors, a video projection and two separated sound sources interacting with the bigger installation. The aim of the experience is to eliminate the barriers between the composition and the listener and to foster the discovery of sounds through experience, interaction and exploration of the space.


Immerged is an interactive audio-visual composition that reflects on how the communication’s infrastructures have created a dense network of electromagnetic fields that is constantly around us, even if we cannot perceive it. The intent of this work is to provide visitors with a full spatial experience allowing them to see and hear this intricate net of messages and signals. The core concept of the installation is a modular series of blocks that visualizes audio material from different electromagnetic fields recordings and gives the public the opportunity to interact with them using the electronic devices in their possession.


URL_1 is an interactive sound installation. The program is organized as a point and click game containing videos, images and 10 audio tracks that can be played, stopped and mixed by the user. The esoteric layout of URL_1 takes inspirations from ARGs and found footage movies, using audio and video material derived from random YouTube searches to create a new explorable reality. The aim of this installation is to provide a sound experience that involves directly the listener in the creation of an audio composition, without requiring any musical knowledge.